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Update from Homeless Children’s Network Regarding COVID-19

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Dear Homeless Children’s Network Community,

During this challenging time, we at HCN have been closely tracking every new development related to coronavirus (COVID-19) and have been in constant contact with San Francisco public health officials.

This is a time in which have become creative around our services and community reach. We are leveraging technology to provide just as much, and even increased, supports for children and families. Through a moment of heightened anxiety and uncertainty in our communities, HCN will continue to be a voice of continuity and calm for families.

HCN is working under a remote model during the COVID pandemic.

We are always looking for innovative new ways to connect with San Francisco families during this time, including creating developmentally appropriate videos for children. Scroll down to watch a video by HCN therapist June Lin-Arlow and discover more videos on our blog.

Please check back regularly as we will be providing ongoing updates as the situation unfolds. For general information or questions, email

With gratitude and in community,

Dr. April Y. Silas

Executive Director


COVID-19 Videos for Families from HCN

"Explaining COVID-19 to Kids" by HCN Therapist June Lin-Arlow


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