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HCN works alongside our 52+ service partners to unify the voice of a city wide collaborative. By working together we assure the children, youth, & families we serve are supported from every angle. With a uniformity and a creation of a standard of care, there are no duplication of services. Each agency is strengthened in their individual work knowing that the Homeless Children's Network is sustaining the collaborative effort.

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Service Providers Meeting

HCN facilitates a monthly service provider meeting for its City-wide partnering agencies. Trainings on child development, vicarious trauma, parenting skills, culturally competent outreach and service delivery strategies, prevention and intervention best practices, health and well-being for the community, are just a few of the many topics that are covered by HCN’s trainings. The second goal of the monthly service providers meeting is to strengthen the referral and coordination of services in order to enhance the capacity of each collaborating agency to better serve the families we support. As well, this close collaboration helps to eliminate duplication of services to the same clients.

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