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The mission of Homeless Children’s Network is to decrease the trauma of homelessness and domestic violence for children, youth, and families; to empower families; and to increase the effectiveness of collaborative efforts among service providers to end homelessness and poverty.

HCN works to decrease the impact of trauma and to empower families. Our comprehensive clinical services enable us to work closely with each family to understand their needs and to connect them to resources here or through other providers. We form a trusted relationship and follow our clients over time, providing security and stability that allows them to become more stable and confident, raise healthy and emotionally independent children, and develop skills and training that will help lift them out of the cycle of homelessness. Annually we serve more than 2,400 unduplicated individuals who are homeless, formerly homeless, or at risk for homelessness.  

To increase the effectiveness of collaborative efforts among service providers, HCN is the hub of a 52+ member collaborative of agencies serving the homeless population in San Francisco. 

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