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Staff Spotlight: Christina Thermidor, Amani Trainer at HCN

Updated: May 1

Christina Thermidor has always felt a deep connection to mental health advocacy, a passion rooted in her own cultural background and personal experiences. As an Amani Trainer at HCN, Christina has found a platform where she can nurture her dedication to community support and mental health. Growing up in a Haitian community where mental health was rarely discussed, Christina felt a strong calling to challenge the stigma surrounding the silence on mental health discourse.

Christina finds her work in Amani most fulfilling when she can connect one-on-one with her clients, helping them navigate their experiences in a society where mental health is often misunderstood. She takes pride in seeing how the individuals she works with grow to consider the team as family, incorporating the tools and lessons from her workshops into their daily lives and aspirations.

One of Christina's most impactful experiences as a trainer was the opportunity to develop and deliver personalized content for her sessions. She recalls the richness of interaction when participants engage with the material—whether it's a new subject for them or a refresher. These sessions become personalized and engaging, transforming into safe spaces where participants can align the discussion with their own life's trials and triumphs. This community-based approach to learning and healing is what makes each session memorable and rewarding.

Looking forward, Christina aims to broaden the reach of the Amani program, especially hoping to include high school students. She is committed to continuing her professional development to enhance her teaching methodologies and keep the curriculum relevant and impactful. Christina's vision includes not only expanding her own perspectives as a mental health trainer but also ensuring that the program grows to meet the evolving needs of the community.

Christina Thermidor's journey at HCN is a powerful illustration of how passion, coupled with dedication, can foster profound change. As she leads the Amani program towards its upcoming graduation on June 1 and beyond, her influence and dedication continue to inspire and effect meaningful progress.


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