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Healing Through Heritage: Amani's Impact on Black Mental Wellness in San Francisco

Our Amani program at Homeless Children’s Network (HCN) represents a significant stride in mental health training, offering educational and employment opportunities for Black/African American residents of San Francisco. This innovative program is designed to increase the number of mental health professionals who are equipped with an Afri-centric, culturally responsive approach to mental health and wellness.

The Amani program's dual goals are to provide education and employment opportunities in the mental health field for SF’s Black residents and to increase the number of peer mental health professionals capable of offering Afri-centric, culturally responsive mental health services. The program’s curriculum is divided into three parts: Inward Journey, Community Engagement, and Workforce Development, encompassing holistic well-being, Afri-centric therapy, and practical skills like resume writing and interview preparation.

At the heart of the Amani program lies a deep focus on nurturing love and healing for individuals and the broader community. This initiative is more than just a training program; it's a journey that strengthens the capabilities of community members to foster wellness. This empowers participants not only to aid themselves but to effectively contribute to the betterment of Black individuals and families within the city, reinforcing a collective commitment to systemic change and positive outcomes.

The program's transformative effect is captured in the words of one Amani practitioner, "One of our sessions was around our inner child... I think this conversation made me think more intentionally about the work that needs to be done... it made me hone in on some of the things that I still hold with me that need more intentional time to think through and heal through to be a better person."

The Amani Mental Health Training Program is just one facet of our commitment to nurturing our community members' mental health and well-being. It represents our dedication to reimagining mental health education and employment pathways with an Afri-centric approach, fostering a sense of ownership and affirmation in these spaces.

Through Amani, HCN not only fills a critical need for Black healers in the community but also creates pathways for breaking the cycle of poverty by offering meaningful employment opportunities. The program is a testament to the power of community-based solutions and the impact of culturally grounded mental health initiatives.

To learn more about Amani visit our website at and follow us on Instagram at hcnkidssf for updates! Our Amani graduation is on June 1, so keep an eye out for photos! Interested in joining our Amani Mental Health Training Program? Please reach out to


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