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Western Addition Youth Leadership Committee

& Tenderloin Youth Leadership Committee

Youth Leadership Committees build skills by creating and offering positive leadership opportunities for displaced kids and Transition Aged Youth (16-23), one of the most vulnerable populations in San Francisco. This age group is severely under-served in the city. Through monthly meetings, required field work and collaboration, they improve their community, and- along the way- themselves.

Activities include group and individual outreach to service agencies; monthly leadership and planning activities; creating and administering a needs assessment survey; updating the assessment' and developing, refining and distributing a Youth Leadership curriculum to city-wide agencies serving youth.

Members gain skills in communication, teamwork, time management, self-care, critical thinking, analysis, self-advocacy, and community involvement. Based on their assessment they produce and distribute valuable service guides for their neighborhood. The skills help them achieve goals like stable housing, education and jobs. 

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