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Video: Voices of the Uprising Part II: White Silence

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

By: Amira Mensah, Development and Communications Associate

HCN is proud to present the second installment of our video series, Voices of the Uprising Part II: White Silence.

Part II of Voices of the Uprising forces viewers to see and understand the catastrophic

and oftentimes fatal impact of white silence.

HCN staff members Amira Mensah, June Lin-Arlow, Hilary Bothma, Dr. Hazel Benigno, Dr. April Y. Silas, Bonnie Harrison, Elizabeth Geeslin, Erin Miller and Daniella Severs are featured speaking to all the ways in which white silence perpetuates violence.

Filmmaker ShakaJamal did not shy away from exposing the truth through thought-provoking, viscerally appalling imagery.

White silence can no longer continue. Now is the time to speak up and speak out in the face of racial and social injustices.


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