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Blending Art with Healing: The Kuamka Program’s Innovative Approach to Community Wellness

Updated: Apr 18

Our Kuamka Expressive Arts Program at Homeless Children's Network (HCN) is a unique, Afri-centric arts-based initiative tailored for the Black community in San Francisco. Kuamka, meaning "to awaken" in Swahili, is rooted in the rich cultural identity and artistic traditions of Black San Francisco. Our program recognizes the unique power of the arts in rallying communities during times of need, strength, grief, and joy. By empowering Black artists to explore and use their creativity as a source of communal healing, we are fostering a more connected and resilient community. Kuamka is an embodiment of our innovative approach to community and workforce development, intertwining the arts with mental health awareness.

We've designed Kuamka to be a comprehensive and holistic journey. The program includes a fellowship for Black artists, engaging them in community-building and art exploration as healing and organizing tools. Over a nine-week period, artists explore their potential as community healers, facilitated by HCN trainers. The workshops focus on self-reflection, healing, knowledge of mental health and trauma, and artistic development. Our artists also delve into connections with history, ancestors, and each other, using art and healing techniques that resonate deeply within the Black community.

In Kuamka, we emphasize the importance of ‘Ubuntu,’ a Bantu word that translates to “I am because you are,” reflecting our belief in the interconnectedness of our community. The program’s design integrates various art forms, such as cooking, meditation, performing arts, spoken word, and yoga, offering a diverse and rich artistic experience.

Since 2021, we proudly witnessed the growth and development of our Kuamka cohorts. Participants have expressed how the program has not only boosted their self-confidence and artistic skills but also deepened their understanding of Black identity and community. "I didn't realize art could be so healing. But, it’s so helpful." Through Kuamka, we are not just nurturing artists but cultivating healers and facilitators who are eager to give back to their communities.

Our vision for Kuamka is to create a ripple effect of healing and empowerment throughout San Francisco’s Black communities. By supporting Black artists in their journey of self-discovery and community engagement, we are contributing to a stronger, more vibrant community that recognizes and celebrates the power of artistic expression and communal healing.

To learn more about Kuamka visit our website at and follow us on instagram at hcnkidssf for updates. We are getting ready for our end-of-year graduation. We're excited to share the memories with photos soon. interested in joining our Kuamka Expressive  Arts program?, Please reach out to


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