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Video: Voices of the Uprising

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

By: Amira Mensah, Development and Communications Associate

HCN is proud to announce our new video project, “Homeless Children’s Network Presents: Voices of the Uprising.” This is an unfiltered expression of thoughts, emotions and feelings surrounding racism, police brutality and the killing of Black people.

Historically, in the wake of a lynching or a racial injustice, Black people have not been afforded the opportunity to safely express the feelings that come up from witnessing these horrific events. Executive Director, Dr. April Y. Silas, not only provided the space for HCN staff of African descent to process and work through this trauma collectively, but also the platform to boldly and unapologetically allow individual voices to be heard through a stunning display of artistic expression.

“The video is a representation of the revolution that is going on in society; everyone's voice must be heard in order for us to know where we will collaboratively go in the future,” explains filmmaker ShakaJamal.

Shaka used powerful black and white imagery that depicts the mistreatment of Black people in America and the centuries-long fight for equality.

According to Shaka, “The white and black theme represents many things; it is classic and timeless. It is used to showcase the disparity between black and white in our society. What we see on the screen is synonymous with the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's and 1960's, LA uprisings of 1965 and 1992, and Red Summer of 1919. It is a representation of the revolutionary times of the past.”

HCN staff members Shawneshia Hoover, Amira Mensah, Tanaya Reid, Andre Price Jackson and Dr. April Y. Silas are featured on the video, each speaking their unique truth.

To the many other voices in the uprising, we hear you and support you!


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