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Stand Together

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

HRC Stand Together Event

On Saturday, April 17th, the Human Rights Commission (HRC) hosted their first Stand Together event. Stand Together is San Francisco’s Campaign for Solidarity, a City-wide intergenerational, cross-cultural event, to stand against racist hate and discrimination.

The Campaign for Solidarity brought together our Asian American and Pacific Islander, Black, Latinx, American Indian and multiracial communities to demonstrate against racist hate and violence. The unity event featured healing spaces, family-friendly activities and volunteer opportunities that assembled 1,000 Solidarity Kits to inspire, inform and nourish the community.

Solidarity kits

HCN’s Associate Program Director, Monique Francene Mack organized a creative arts table for the event that offered information about our Ma’at program and allowed community members to take home pre-packaged solidarity kits.

Harry, Jennifer (Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy), Jackie (SF Arts Commission) & Monique Francene of HCN

HCN is proud to partner with the San Francisco Human Rights Commission as we take a strong stance against racial injustice and hate crimes while prioritizing mental health.

Dr. April Y. Silas and community members

Ma’at Youth Coordinator Mya Torres with Lisa and DeAnthony of HRC

HCN’s Monique Francene Mack and Mya Torres


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