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Resources & Case Management

Case Management

HCN staff provides resources and referrals, which are designed to enhance families’ sense of connection to the communities in which they live and ensure that the changing needs of the child and family are met. 

After Care Follow-Up Services

Stressors associated with sustained poverty impact a young person's ability to thrive. By providing therapeutic and parent health education services, we help families achieve or regain long-term stability.

Happy family

Family Resource Center

Families find a safe, clean environment to learn and play together. In our lobby, we have a wide selection of books on child development, parenting, and other indispensable guides, including computers with internet access so that families may learn new computer skills, access informational resources, or conduct job searches.

Basic Needs Services

To help meet the comprehensive needs of homeless children, families receiving services through HCN or one of its collaborative members, are eligible to receive clothing, school supplies, diapers, developmentally-appropriate toys and books, and other basic necessities from us as they are donated to HCN throughout the year.

Holiday Support

HCN provides holiday gift and client assistance support to children, youth, families during various holidays and as donated to HCN throughout the year. This support takes many forms, including but not limited to the following: children's gifts, clothing, school supplies, Ma’at food boxes at Thanksgiving, and linkages to other family support resources.

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