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The Real Life Impact of HCN

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Andrea has been a member of one of HCN's parenting groups for three years. She entered the group as a step down from inpatient recovery services and had a two-year-old daughter. Andrea struggled with parenting her daughter and would often feel overwhelmed balancing her recovery and parenting responsibilities. Throughout her time in the parenting group, Andrea was able to successfully secure a safe housing space and successfully gain employment, while utilizing community resources to continue her recovery services.

When the therapist from HCN’s Ma’at program started working with Brandon*, the fifth-grader was yelling at his peers, and had gotten physically aggressive with other students. Brandon’s school psychologist referred him to HCN for therapy from an Afri-centric approach. After three months of virtual work together, the therapist witnessed a transformation in the way Brandon views himself. Now, Brandon’s mother and grandmother have seen a drastic improvement in his behavior, and Brandon attributes positive traits and characteristics to himself.

A therapist at Homeless Children’s Network met Kayla as part of a support group for moms receiving treatment for substance abuse. Kayla was living with her partner in a tent in the Tenderloin and using heroin when she found out she was pregnant. Kayla graduated from the parenting group and the substance abuse program, and now lives substance-free in subsidized housing with her partner and Nicholas. Her partner is working, and Kayla’s next goal is to find childcare so she can start working also.

These amazing stories show how the right interventions at the right time can help change the trajectory for an entire family. Working with children and families to provide culturally responsive, heartfelt, behavioral health and wellness is at the root of HCN. Utilizing the power of connection, consistency, and strengths-based perspectives your support allows us to do the work of healing.

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy


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