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Make a gift, make a difference for families

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

This holiday season, I’m grateful to share a story about Kayla* and her family. A therapist at Homeless Children’s Network met Kayla as part of a support group for moms receiving treatment for substance abuse. Kayla was living with her partner in a tent in the Tenderloin and using heroin when she found out she was pregnant.

Scared for her new family, Kayla looked for treatment, shelter, and resources about how to be a good mom for her baby son, Nicholas. In the parenting group, the HCN clinician guided the new moms in discussions about safety, healthy habits, celebrating successes and much more. When Nicholas had behavioral problems like biting other children at the shelter where they lived, the therapist worked one-on-one with Kayla to share positive parenting approaches and how to advocate for her family and work with teachers and shelter staff.

Kayla graduated from the parenting group and the substance abuse program, and now lives substance-free in subsidized housing with her partner and Nicholas. Her partner is working, and Kayla’s next goal is to find childcare so she can start working also.

Kayla’s amazing journey shows how the right interventions at the right time can help change the trajectory for an entire family. Your donations allow HCN to work with hundreds of families like Kayla’s every day, in every neighborhood in San Francisco.

Make a gift today, and make a difference for families. Thank you in advance for your generous support.

With gratitude, April Y. Silas, Executive Director

Homeless Children's Network

*Names have been changed to protect privacy


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