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Heartfelt Reflections and Looking Ahead: Kendra's Journey with the Ma’at LGBTQIA+ Dream Keeper Initiative

Updated: May 7

In this touching end-of-year video, Kendra shares heartfelt insights from her journey with the Ma’at LGBTQIA+ Dream Keeper Initiative. She reflects on transformative moments and personal growth experienced over the year, highlighting the strengthened sense of community and the initiative's positive impact on mental wellness and spirituality.

Kendra discusses the initiative's needs and the importance of support through donations and volunteering. She emphasizes the power of collaboration and its role in the initiative's success, sharing her aspirations for the coming year.

Concluding with a message of gratitude, Kendra thanks everyone who has supported the initiative, underscoring the significance of community involvement in its ongoing success.

This video offers a glimpse into the heart of the initiative, inviting viewers to contribute and be part of its future growth.


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