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Rayleen Howard: A Journey as an Amani Trainer at HCN

Rayleen Howard is a dedicated trainer at HCN's Amani program. She found her calling through a unique path that blends her passion for teaching with her psychology background. After completing her undergraduate studies in psychology, Rayleen initially pursued a career in education, starting as an early childhood educator before transitioning to teaching first grade. Despite finding fulfillment in teaching, Rayleen felt a void and sought to integrate her psychology expertise into her work.

This desire led her to explore opportunities in the mental health field, eventually landing a position at an inpatient mental health facility. While she enjoyed this role, Rayleen felt that she wasn't fully realizing her purpose. She yearned to combine her love for teaching with her desire to make a meaningful impact in the mental health field, particularly within communities that resonated with her own experiences.

Rayleen's journey led her to HCN, where she discovered the Amani program—an initiative tailored to individuals like her, taught by instructors who shared her background. Amani provided Rayleen with the perfect platform to educate others about mental health while offering valuable workforce development opportunities. For Rayleen, Amani was more than a program; it was a means to fulfill her purpose and make a difference in her community.

As an Amani trainer, Rayleen finds the most fulfillment in building rapport with her participants. She views the program not only as a teaching platform but also as a learning experience, where she gains valuable insights from her participants.

One of Rayleen's most memorable experiences as a trainer was with a participant who faced setbacks in securing a job interview. Despite initial challenges, Rayleen supported him in following up with the company, eventually leading to a second interview and ultimately a job offer. Witnessing his perseverance and success reinforced Rayleen's belief in the transformative power of the Amani program.

Looking ahead, Rayleen aims to collaborate with her fellow Amani staff to increase the number of participants placed in job placements. To achieve this, she plans to focus on assisting participants in developing their professional profiles, including LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and online presence. Additionally, she aims to empower participants to pursue positions they may feel unqualified for, encouraging them to showcase their talents and skills.

Rayleen's journey to HCN exemplifies her dedication to empowering others and making a positive impact. Through her role, she continues to inspire participants to achieve their goals, one step at a time.


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