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Leading with Heart: Jamie Yukimoto's Path at HCN

Jamie Yukimoto’s journey with HCN is a testament to the supportive and inclusive culture we strive to foster every day. Her story highlights the incredible impact of nurturing the communities we serve and the individuals dedicated to our mission.

Jamie’s path with HCN began in April 2021. Fresh from a role at a crisis-oriented organization, she sought a more stable and supportive environment. Jamie found herself collaborating with an HCN therapist on a case, and the experience was transformative. The support and teamwork she encountered ignited a spark of curiosity about HCN. After delving into our values and culture, she knew this was the place for her.

Starting as an Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) clinician and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, Jamie’s role was multifaceted. She spent her days providing therapy to children, liaising with school staff, and conducting family therapy sessions. Her work as a consultant at Charles Drew Elementary involved weekly check-ins with teachers, classroom observations, and strategic discussions on enhancing children’s social-emotional well-being.

In January 2024, Jamie returned from maternity leave to a promotion as Program Manager for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, working with ECHMCHI Director Jennifer Calderon. This role offered her the flexibility to balance her new responsibilities as a mother with her professional aspirations. For Jamie, this transition wasn’t just a career move; it was a revelation.

Jamie speaks passionately about how HCN stands apart. She knows many women who, upon returning from maternity leave, faced demotions or struggled to reintegrate into their roles. At HCN, Jamie found the opposite. She was not only welcomed back but also offered an opportunity to step up. This experience highlighted HCN’s commitment to valuing and supporting its employees through life’s significant changes.

What drew Jamie to HCN and what has kept her here for over three years is the organization’s alignment with her values and its supportive culture. The positive energy, warmth, and care she experienced during her interview were just the beginning. HCN’s commitment to personal and professional growth, as well as its understanding nature, have reinforced Jamie’s dedication.

As Program Manager, Jamie now oversees a preventative and system-oriented program. Unlike traditional mental health services that focus solely on individuals, HCN’s Early Childhood Mental Health Initiative emphasizes supporting adults—staff, parents, and teachers—to enhance their capacity to nurture children’s mental well-being.

This comprehensive approach includes wellness trainings, trauma-informed practice sessions, support groups for parents, and social-emotional groups for children. Consultants work closely with school staff to provide reflective spaces where adults can process their experiences and improve their relationships with children.

Jamie’s vision for the program is clear: to support adult staff and parents in strengthening their relationships with children, thereby promoting the children’s mental well-being. By providing these reflective spaces, the program ensures that adults can be their best selves, creating a positive ripple effect on the children they interact with daily.

Jamie’s experience highlights HCN’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, where life changes are met with understanding and opportunities for growth.

Jamie’s story is a reminder of the incredible impact one person can have when supported by a caring and inclusive organization. Visit our website to learn more about HCN’s Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Initiative.


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