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HCN Ma'at and Dream Keeper Reports

We're so excited to announce the release of two groundbreaking impact reports that fully reflect an Afri-centric approach to evaluation!

Ma'at Program Evaluation Report (2020-21)

There is no other program in San Francisco like HCN's Ma'at Program, which utilizes a unique Afri-centric model of mental health service provision. The Ma'at Program is truly a mental health revolution, and our new Ma'at Program Evaluation Report (2020-21) shows why.

Not only does Ma'at aim to improve behavioral health outcomes for Black/African American individuals and families in San Francisco, but it addresses the historical legacy of intergenerational racism, inequity, and trauma within the community. Services support individuals and families of African descent to passionately and unconditionally affirm Blackness.

Ma'at is a true community mental health model. For every young person that therapists have a relationship with, they interact with an average of nine other community members who support that young person. Key findings from interviews and surveys of children, youth, and caregivers participating in the Ma'at Program are all detailed in this report.

Highlights from those key findings include:

  • Having direct service staff who are Black/African American is extremely important to program participants.

  • Working with Ma'at clinicians has a positive impact on young people's understanding and acceptance of their own Blackness.

  • Participating in the Program helps remove the stigma of receiving mental health services.

  • Program participants are highly satisfied with the services they receive from Ma'at.

HCN Dream Keeper Initiative Evaluation Report (April-June 2021)

Our second report, HCN Dream Keeper Initiative Evaluation Report (April-June 2021), takes a closer look at how we are augmenting the services provided by HCN's Ma'at Program with support from San Francisco's Dream Keeper Initiative.

In April 2021, HCN received funding from the Dream Keeper Initiative to provide to the Black/African American community general mental health services, mental health services for LGBTQI+ individuals, and early childhood mental health consultation. This report highlights the findings and outcomes from our first three months.

The range of services that HCN is providing is broad. On the one hand, we are linking Black people, including children birth to five, to urgently needed culturally affirming Afri-centric mental health services. At the same time, we are utilizing Dream Keeper funds to partner with Soul of Pride to host cultural events that affirm and celebrate Black queer communities in San Francisco. At the City's Juneteenth celebration in mid-June and two Pride celebrations, we promoted access to Afri-centric mental health resources.

Both reports close with messages of appreciation and gratitude to all the Vision-holders who paved the way for what is now known as the Ma'at Program. Strengthened by those Vision-holders, including all those who came before us and all those for whom we effort, as well as our future generations, we stand rooted in the love for our community.

Thank you for allowing us to journey in community with you!

MA'AT Program Report 2020-2021 (Final)
Download PDF • 69.65MB

DKI Evaluation Report April-June 2021
Download PDF • 7.06MB


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