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Homeless Children’s Network Extends Services for Youth in Western Addition

Homeless Children’s Network is excited to announce an expansion of our services for youth in the Western Addition. We are honored to have received two Community Grants from the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families.

Through a new grant for Mental health and substance abuse support for youth, HCN will build on our existing, successful mental health services to high school youth and disconnected transitional age youth in the Western Addition and throughout San Francisco. We take a culturally responsive approach to help young people improve mental health and functioning, screen for substance abuse, reduce symptoms, increase coping skills, and improve relationships with families, schools, peers, and community.

The new Western Addition Youth Leadership Committee is modeled on HCN’s successful pilot in the Tenderloin. The program brings together homeless, at-risk and formerly homeless TAY from diverse backgrounds to provide case management and critical leadership development opportunities. The program also expands the capacity of youth-serving agencies to develop, listen, and respond to youth voices.

For more information about HCN’s work in the Western Addition and throughout San Francisco, contact us at 415-437-3990.


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