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HCN Holiday Luncheon at the Historic 7 Mile House

On Friday, January 13th HCN staff took some time out to celebrate the various holidays that have just passed, the New Year, and each other. The team gathered at the historic 7 Mile House in Brisbane to enjoy amazing food, delicious mock-tails, and fun games put on by fellow staff members.

A robust game of White Elephant that had folks walking away with an array of fun gifts that ranged from disposable, one-time-use cameras all the way to deep tissue massagers.

The day also included a holiday sweater fashion show with prizes for “most creative”, “most festive”, and “most fashionable”. Congratulations to Esther, Jackie, and Jyn who took the winning prizes!

All in all, it was a beautiful day filled with connection, comradery, and a way to support an amazing local business. Here is what some of the HCN staff who attended had to say:

“To see the HCN community come together in celebration was absolutely heartwarming! It was such an amazing way to kick off the new year by being in the presence of such amazing folks. I'd have to say that the holiday sweater fashion show had to be my favorite moment. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing at the amazing struts!” - Shannon

“The HCN Holiday Party was a great event, it really gave us time to appreciate and revel in all the hard work and dedication our team and organization has put in over the past year.” - Cameron

"This HCN Holiday Event was such a joy. To share a great meal with an even greater company is always an unforgettable experience. It was a fantastic meeting and seeing everyone in person!" - Mark

Happy New Year from everyone at HCN!


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