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Igniting Potential: Discover HCN's 2023-2024 Internship Program

Date: August 24th, 2023

Hello HCN Community,

A new chapter unfolds as we proudly present the HCN Internship Program for the 2023-2024 term. This milestone reflects our enduring commitment to uplifting the lives of homeless and formerly homeless children, youth, and families. With unwavering dedication, we welcome you to join us on this transformative journey.

Empowering Change Through Collaboration

More than a conventional learning experience, the HCN Internship Program is a dynamic platform for creating tangible change. Whether your passion lies in mental health, supportive services, or community advocacy, this internship offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

Fostering Collaborative Growth

Our Internship Program thrives on collaboration within the HCN family. Interns actively engage in our mission, contributing to the transformative work we do. From conducting individual and family therapy sessions to forming crucial relationships with school staff, interns play a pivotal role in shaping positive paths for our beneficiaries.

Equipping for Purpose-Driven Futures

By joining the HCN Internship, you embark on a purpose-driven career journey that resonates with our mission. Through hands-on experiences, you'll navigate the intricacies of MediCal documentation and conduct comprehensive client assessments rooted in their strengths and needs.

A Nurturing Platform

Understanding that growth flourishes in a supportive environment, our program extends two stipends throughout the academic year. We also provide financial aid for therapeutic supplies and essential tools, while furnishing laptops for streamlined off-site documentation.

Welcoming Our New Cohort

We're excited to share that this year, we welcome a cohort of six talented interns who are poised to create lasting impact in our community.

A Message from Candace Kavanagh, Clinical Training Program Manager

"I feel so much joy and satisfaction from supporting our trainees in building a foundation steeped in social justice, self-sustainability, paperwork competency, and clinical understanding that they will then carry into wherever they go next."

Forge Your Path with HCN

If you're driven to be part of an organization that tangibly transforms lives, the HCN Internship Program beckons. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and essential details as we unveil the boundless prospects awaiting you.

With gratitude for your presence in the HCN community, where collective efforts ignite life-altering change.


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