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Dream Forward: One-Year Anniversary of the Dream Keeper Initiative

On Thursday, February 17th, San Francisco Human Rights Commission hosted a panel with Mayor Breed, Board of Supervisors President Walton joined by Dr. Cornel West to discuss the one-year anniversary of the Dream Keeper’s Initiative: Advancing Prosperity for San Francisco’s Diverse Black Communities.

“The Dream Keeper Initiative (DKI) was launched to address the racial injustices and inequities that exist not just in San Francisco, but across our country. If we are going to make any real changes and be a city that leads, we need action, not just more talk, and I am proud that our Departments have worked to make that happen,” said Mayor Breed.

The Dream Keeper Initiative works with community based organizations and nonprofits like Homeless Children’s Network. Two of our newest programs, which are Kuamka and Amani, were highlighted at the Dream Forward event. Monique Francene Mack, HCN Director of the two programs explained, “I feel so grateful for the Dream Keeper Initiative for empowering the Black community to be experts and healers in their own community by creating positive change that the world needs.”

HCN Director of Amani and Kumka programs Monique Francene Mack

Dr. Sheryl Davis, Executive Director of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission said, “DKI is a commitment that has put resources to need and is dedicated to investing, repairing, healing, and sustaining San Francisco’s Black community.” The impact of DKI is visible and is changing many lives by providing funding and an action-plan to give the marganized Black community of San Francisco the opportunity to prosper.

HCN is honored and thrilled to be a part of this journey with DKI to help provide resources and tools to the Black children, youth and families in San Francisco.

HCN staff celebrating the Dream Keeper Initiative one year Anniversary: Dream Forward.


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