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Climb for Consciousness

The Homeless Children’s Network is a community of heart and adventure.  We are passionate mental health professionals who are willing to step outside our day-to-day comfort zones, put on hiking boots, meet new people, take a deep breath, and with your support, hike UP AND DOWN the Half Dome trail FOR THE PURPOSE of raising funds to address the specific needs of homeless children with severe mental  health challenges.

HCN’s vision continues to evolve and expand with each connection, as we build each relationship, as we learn from each child, and deepen our commitment to eradicating homelessness. With hearts wide open, we walk hand-in-hand with families through the mental health concerns, family struggles, and parent/child dynamics that are epidemic among all families, and even more so among families with few resources. From those enlightening experiences, we emerge stronger, clearer, and better equipped to exercise loving, social-justice focused clinical skills in the life-inspiring art of healing.

HCN uses the power of the affirmative to address and eradicate the effects of trauma and homelessness. The Climb for Consciousness campaign will raise funds for the purpose of taking HCN’s mission to new heights. This campaign is a movement to empower families.

We need your support! We would like to invite you to raise consciousness of homelessness with a donation to Homeless Children's Network’s campaign Climb for Consciousness: a movement to empower homeless children and families. The Climb for Consciousness will create awareness, increase collective responsibility, and foster attitudes of “I can help”. It will empower us to work together and value ALL our children


Donations for this campaign can be made online here.


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