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National CareGiver Month: Insights from HCN Case Managers Tysean Bonds & Stella Li

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

In celebration of National Caregiver Month, we had the opportunity to converse with two remarkable individuals deeply ingrained in the mission of the Homeless Children's Network (HCN): Tysean Bonds and Stella Li. Both serve as dedicated case managers who tirelessly work alongside caregivers in our community, ensuring they receive the support they so richly deserve.

Can you share a bit about your role as a case manager at HCN and how it involves collaborating with caregivers in our community?

Tysean: “Our main responsibility is to forge meaningful connections with caregivers, understanding their unique needs and guiding them to the necessary resources. We diligently consult our comprehensive HCN resource binder to connect caregivers with the right support networks and continuously follow up to confirm they have everything they need.”

Stella: “Beyond just linking resources, we're also a pillar of emotional support. Though we're not therapists, we provide a compassionate listening ear during challenging times for caregivers.”

As we observe National Caregiver Month, could you describe some of the challenges caregivers often face, especially during the holiday season?

Tysean: "During the holidays, challenges such as securing stable housing, accessing therapy, and ensuring food availability can become more pronounced. Caregivers often seek assistance with procuring toys and presents to make the season joyful for their children.”

Stella: "The holidays can intensify the need for housing and the desire to create a festive atmosphere. The emotional toll can be immense, making support during this time crucial.”

In your experience, what is the most pressing need that caregivers often express, and how does HCN address these needs?

Tysean: "Stable housing consistently emerges as a critical need among caregivers. Within that, there's a strong emphasis on the need for furniture, an area where resources are currently limited.”

HCN has actively supported caregivers through initiatives like the Turkey Drive and the annual Toy Drive. Can you tell us more about these programs and their impact on the families you work with?

Tysean: “Our Turkey Drive and Toy Drive are transformative for caregivers. They ease the stress associated with providing a festive meal and gifts for children. The joy reflected in the children's smiles speaks volumes.”

Stella: “These drives do more than meet practical needs; they instill a sense of pride and joy in caregivers. Being able to provide for their families during the holidays is an invaluable gift.”

How do you identify caregivers in need of assistance, and what criteria do you use to offer support through HCN's initiatives? How can caregivers reach out for case management?

Tysean: "Referrals can be sent to for ongoing case management. We also have an intake form for immediate needs: HCN Case Management Intake Form.”

How would you describe the essence of your relationship with caregivers and its significance in the work you do?

Stella: "Trust is at the core of what we do. Over time, this trust blossoms, and caregivers begin to see us as an extended family. They feel comfortable seeking support, and that's when we can make the most impact.”

How can members of the community get involved or support HCN's efforts to help caregivers, particularly during the holiday season and beyond?

Stella: "Your support is crucial to our mission, and we find that monetary donations are the most effective way to drive our initiatives forward. Your generous support enables us to address the most pressing needs and offer timely assistance where it's needed most."

Finally, what message would you like to convey to caregivers in our community, especially during this time of year?

Tysean: "To every caregiver out there: know that your efforts are monumental, and we stand beside you in solidarity. The path you tread is challenging, but remember that self-care isn't just important—it's indispensable. Embrace your community's support and shower yourself with the kindness you so readily give to others.”

Stella: "Carve out moments for self-care, no matter how fleeting. Your tireless dedication is a beacon of strength and love. Wear your efforts like a badge of honor, knowing that every small act resonates profoundly.”

As we take a moment to honor National Caregiver Month, the poignant words of Tysean and Stella resonate deeply, casting a spotlight on the unwavering dedication of caregivers. Their insights underscore the transformative role HCN holds in fervently supporting these unsung heroes, walking hand-in-hand with them every step of the way, throughout the seasons and across the years.


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