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How a Community Volunteer Hosted a Yoga Fundraiser for HCN

By: Amira Mensah, Development and Communications Associate

“The best part of the Mother's Day Yoga Retreat fundraiser was being able to share the practice of yoga with new and old friends for a great cause. I truly believe yoga is a gift and I am grateful to be able to provide a flow in return for donations to benefit the Homeless Children's Network,” said yoga instructor, Sylvia Gin.

Staff were thrilled to learn that HCN would be the beneficiary of the Mother’s Day Virtual Yoga Retreat Fundraiser. Michaela Garcia, community member and volunteer, planned, organized and executed the event with the help of yoga instructor, Sylvia Gin.

When Michaela reached out to volunteer, she realized that hosting a fundraiser was the best way to support HCN. Michaela chose to donate 100% of proceeds from the Mother’s Day yoga retreat fundraiser to HCN because of the work HCN does in providing homeless children and families in San Francisco with mental health services.

“I cannot say enough how important it is to prioritize mental health. Mental health affects folks of all walks of life but what is most concerning is that there are not enough resources accessible to those who are underrepresented such as homeless, POC, disabled, low-income communities. This is important to address when discussing mental health because oftentimes they experience barriers to receiving this care along with trauma, vulnerability, loneliness, and more,” explains Michaela.

Yoga Instructor Sylvia Gin and Michaela Garcia

The retreat took place on May 1st and 2nd over four different sessions. The yoga retreat offered two different flows. Both flows offered a combination of poses, stretches and breathing exercises that made for an excellent mindfulness practice. “Yoga allows for meditative movement, connecting the breath and the body. Yoga provides an outlet to calm the mind and stretch muscles,” offered Sylvia.

HCN is grateful to both Michaela and Sylvia for all the hard work and dedication that went into making this event successful. Thanks to Michaela, Sylvia and all of the donors and participants who supported the event and helped spread the word, the fundraiser exceeded its goal, raising more than $1000 for urgently needed programs for families.

If you’re interested in volunteering with HCN, hosting your own event or a Facebook fundraiser are great ways to support us in continuing our work with families.


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