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HCN Hosts Event Celebrating Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Updated: May 30, 2023

On May 3rd, our HCN community came together for our annual event celebrating Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Staff and clients gathered at our Fillmore office to enjoy fantastic food, raffles, Filipino martial arts training, and cultural insights shared by our team.

The event began with a welcome from our founder, Dr. April Y. Silas, who spoke about the significance of culture and the importance of celebration. This was followed by insights from our Deputy Director, Dr. Hazel Benigno, who talked about the symbolism of water and the significance of understanding the acronym AANHPI.

"Our event theme this year is water because water is our connection. Oceans may separate us from our ancestral homelands, but the element also connects us. Our indigenous ancestors have continuously reminded us that water is life and that connection is our lifeline."

HCN staff indulged in the rich flavors of traditional Guamanian cuisine served by the fantastic restaurant, Prubechu in the heart of the Mission district. The dishes were complemented with refreshing boba tea from Kiss My Boba and amazing Hawaiian desserts from Ono Bakehouse.

After enjoying a delicious spread, HCN staff had a chance to strengthen their self-defense skills through a class on traditional Filipino martial arts. Legacy Filipino Martial Arts expertly taught the class and provided a fun and empowering way for staff to learn self-defense techniques.

In summary, the AANHPI event proved to be a remarkable occasion for commemorating and expanding our understanding of the rich tapestry of cultures within the Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander communities. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated staff, valued clients, and community partners for their unwavering support and active involvement, which played a pivotal role in the triumph of this event.

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