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App Orchid Fireside Chat with Dr. Silas

Homeless Children's Network is honored to be one of the participating charities in aoKares, App Orchid’s social responsibility program founded in 2020 in memory of the company's founder, Krishna Kumar. The vision of aoKares is to partner with grassroots organizations such as Homeless Children’s Network to bring positive and meaningful change in the areas of education parity, mental health & wellness, and homelessness.

Hema Ramaswamy, Krishna’s wife, honors his legacy by saying Krishna was, “a person with absolute kindness, eagerness to help and constantly striving to make the world a little bit better than what was given to him.”

As part of aoKares, HCN's Executive Director Dr. April Y. Silas joined Hema Ramaswamy and Sathya Ramnath for a virtual fireside chat about HCN.

During the online chat, Dr. Silas described how HCN was founded to help families break the cycle of homelessness and create a sense of belonging while addressing mental health needs. “We believe in love,” as the foundation of HCN.

Dr. Silas stressed that HCN not only works with the child, HCN works with the school, community members, and any person who is meaningful to the family to create that level of belonging. It takes the help of a village to heal. As Dr. Silas described, “With every contact client, we meet with an average of nine other community members.” Each system contributes to the overall well-being of these families.

Donations like those from App Orchid and their employees helps HCN meet families where they are at. Dr. Silas explains that donations like these are a fuel and that they are nurturing our ability to help children, youth and families in San Francisco.

To listen to the powerful interview, click here:


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