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HCN Celebrates Black History, Culture and Legacy!

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

By: Amira Mensah, Development and Communications Associate

On Tuesday, February 23, HCN hosted the 3rd annual Black History Month celebration virtually. The program offered a wide range of performances by staff of African descent.

HCN BHM Presentation
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“Each year our Black History Month celebration gets better! I am always amazed at the energy and the talent of the HCN staff. This year the staff brought it,” passionately exclaimed HCN Office Manager, Lynette Sweet.

Our amazing Mistress of Ceremonies, Ms. Lynette

Our Ma’at staff delivered jaw dropping performances as they sang, recited poetry, read excerpts and gave talks honoring Black history, culture and legacy.

The words spoken by HCN Executive Director Dr. April Y. Silas as she delivered her talk “Ancestors: The Unending Presence,” left the audience overwhelmed with inspiration. Dr. Silas reminded us our ancestors are constantly bestowing gifts of love, strength and power to our community.

HCN Executive Director Dr. April Y. Silas

Dr. Silas said, “What makes our relationship with our ancestors so profound is that we are being simultaneously, multidimensionally, loved and supported right now. We have immediate access to the dreams and the imaginings of our ancestors both when they were in body and when they were beyond body. We have the passion and the heart of our ancestors, their pure essence, and the intuition and unrelenting joy to remain alive no matter what. Their journeys, including all of the struggles and all of their truth, is immediately accessible within us by simply opening and accepting it as so.”

When speaking about this year’s celebration, HCN Development and Communications Director Hilary Bothma said, “I'm honored to be part of this extraordinary community of healers. This year's powerful Black History Month celebration was a brilliant reminder of the heart and spirit of HCN.”

HCN is honored to celebrate Black History Month with the greater community. We are grateful to all who attended.

Associate Ma'at Program Director, Monique Francene singing "Lift Every Voice and Sing"

HCN Staff

Ma'at Therapist Andre Price Jackson reciting a poem written by his client and Nikki Giovanni

This month and every month we celebrate and honor Black history!


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