About Us

In 1992, a collaborative of six emergency family and domestic violence shelters created the Homeless Children’s Network (HCN) to address two needs: first, to address the traumatic effects of homelessness and violence in the lives of young children and their families; and second, to establish a “standard of care” across a variety of shelters and housing programs. Working directly with the community, we help children and families address the root traumas that helped shape their worldviews, explore healthier perspectives, and learn practical non-violent skill sets for managing stress. We do this through comprehensive mental health services, case management, family education and support services, and community leadership.

The HCN Collaborative

april silas and kathy o'sheaTo promote and maintain a “standard of care”, HCN is the hub of a citywide 40+ member collaborative of service providers including emergency shelters, domestic violence shelters, transitional housing programs, single-room occupancy hotels, permanent supportive housing sites, and other organizations serving homeless families throughout the city. We host monthly meetings and our staff provides training and consultation to member organizations, strengthening our network of relationships throughout the city. We see our network of partnerships as an extension of our organization – our partners enable HCN to reach our clients, provide needed support, and coordinate care within the community.

Board of Directors

April Silas
Executive Director

Alexandra Cooke

Sharika Etheart

Francisco Herrera

Claire Peterson

Natalie Vicas